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Despite the increasing number of Changing Places toilets, there are still not enough to meet the demand and many areas of the UK do not have one at all. Without them, people with a disability have to stay at home or their family carers have to resort to changing them on dirty toilet floors.

We need your help to make sure Changing Places toilets are installed in public places.

Changing Places toilets will help many of these people to take part in the day to day activities most of us take for granted.


You can help to bring about this change by:


Running a local campaign: find out about how you can campaign locally with our campaign pack


Writing to the government: writing a letter to your MP is a good way of showing your support.


Who to contact: get some ideas of venues to contact when campaigning for Changing Places.


Telling people about the campaign: learn about the ways in which you can tell people about Changing Places toilets.

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